Worthwhile Causes

This is a poor, tiny community with big needs. Helping out connects you personally and every small contribution goes a long way. It is not a drop in the bucket here. Your involvement or your money can make an immediately noticeable difference. And no matter what your interest, there is a way to participate!

Scholarships for Kids

Getting an education is tough. The local school in Barra de Potosi only goes through sixth grade. Kids who want to continue their education through high school have to travel to Zihuatanejo or Petatlan on their own. There is no school bus. That travel alone an immense burden on families in an area where the daily wage is around 300 pesos. Only the most determined kids get through high school

Going to university is beyond the dreams of even the brightest and hardest working kids without support. There are some small private programs and individuals who donate money to help students continue their education. So far it has helped a young woman become a human rights lawyer and currently is assisting an aspiring veterinarian and fishery biologist. A tiny amount of money goes a long way towards changing a life and a community. If you might be interested in offering some support, contact Blanca Romo at pby54@sbcglobal.net

Animals Need Help Too

Amigos de Animales is a small animal welfare group in Barra de Potosi, Mexico working to :
—reduce overpopulation of cats and dogs through our Free Spay and Neuter program.
—find loving homes for abandoned stray animals.
—educate people about animal care and welfare.

Amigos de Animales relies on the help of the community to facilitate the program. Whether you live here or are just visiting, you can help change a life.
reading contest 1 nazarethBy offering your home as a temporary foster for abandoned or injured animals,amigos-animales-3
trapping feral cats for neutering, volunteering for community events and fundraisers,
or simply making donations, you will help save lives that are unable to save themselves.
If you want to share a clean, animal friendly Barra de Potosi and Playa Blanca,
please visit our web page and participate. Thank you!


Whales of Guerrero Project aims to study humpback whales in this little explored area of Mexico, provide local fishermen and boat operators with a means to survive without further depleting natural resources and promote a unique region as worth visiting and protecting. There is more information on the project under Activities.

fluke and bird xDo humpback whales give birth here or are they just passing through? Is this an important mating site? How many of the same humpback whales return each year? How many whales come here anyway?
Every winter, between January – March, an international team of scientists and educators works to:
  • Build a data profile of marine mammals in the region through a 10-week field study, as they have never been studied here before
  • Educate people – young and old, nationals, foreign residents and visitors – about the local marine mammals through fun, informative programs and events
  • Support the development of informed, responsible ecotourism by offering marine naturalist training to local boat operators
  • Promote sustainable ecotourism through naturalist expeditions, volunteer vacations and scientific marine eco-excursions
The project’s intention is to raise awareness about responsible whale watching practices, get local kids excited about science and nature and advance scientific understanding about marine mammals in the state of Guerrero.
Here’s how to contact: http://www.whalesinmexico.com
You can also keep up with their exciting, fun news on Facebook: http://wwwfacebook.com/whalesinmexico

DSC_7321wgrp_6130Let’s not forget the turtles!

Campamento Tortuguero Ayotlcalli works all along Last Best Beach to collect turtle eggs to protect them from predators (especially the two legged kind). You can visit their camp on donated land on the beach road to the airport from Barra de Potosi. There is more info on the Activities page of this site. You can contact them: Call or WhatsApp to US 281 235-8974; Send a message through the FaceBook page at https://www.facebook.com/ayotlcalli/ or Email zitamich@hotmail.com