From FlipKey, TripAdvisor, VRBO, and more, the reviews are wonderful. People talk, and here is what they are saying about Play Blanca in review after review.

National Geographic Explorer says “This might well be the center of laid-back coastal Mexico; miles of beach, palm trees, and no agenda but lunch….”

The Oregonian reports– Perfect beaches are as hard to find as pristine conch shells. Having dedicated my early adulthood to becoming a beach connoisseur, I know of a few that fit the bill. But I know only one that has all the attributes above and requires no long layovers or extended transport between airport and destination: Playa Blanca.

Superb – Flipkey/Tripadvisor review
“A rave. A slice of paradise, the sea, itself, lulling me to sleep at night…what can I say…not enough. It was beautiful, memorable, a place to return to again and again.”

Paradise – Flipkey/Tripadvisor review
A perfect place…we googled “nature in Mexico” and this is what we found. It really is hard to put it all in words, but if you like to have time stopped, if you like sunsets, if you like quiet and beauty, if you love the ocean, if you like the songs of birds, yes…even the rooster, if you love to swim, to walk the beach, to stand under a sea of stars with the surf pounding in front of you…etc etc…then this is the perfect place for you.

Wonderful getaway, with an emphasis on AWAY – VRBO guest review
“We spent ten wonderful days here swimming, relaxing, walking the often deserted beach and exploring the area surrounding the nearby village of Barra de Potosi. If you’re looking for a lot of low-key relaxation, you’ll find it here. (The shopping and nightlife are in Zihuatenejo, a half-hour by car up the coast.) Barra de Potosi is a small Mexican village. You’ll find a couple of small markets open during the day and maybe a couple of small restaurants open on any given night. Basic Spanish helps, but there’s a web of community there that we found our way into in just a day or two. The local people are wonderfully friendly and generous with their attention and time. While there we enjoyed a boat ride/wildlife tutorial/throw-net fishing lesson on the Lagoon, a trip to the Refugio (animal refuge), a walk to the south to Playa de Tortuga (you won’t even find footprints on that beach) and a couple of half-day trips to Zihuatenejo.”

A Week in Paradise! – Flipkey/Tripadvisor review
“We have recently (and reluctantly) returned from our third visit to this little slice of paradise. The beauty of the setting, lovely accommodations, welcoming hosts, and the surrounding charm of the fishing village of Barra de Potosi make this vacation hideaway simply ideal for an incredibly relaxing week or two . If one is seeking a respite from the hectic pace of daily life or simply a break from the mundane, they will be well-rewarded with a stay. We are already looking forward to our next stay.”