Chill Out

colorful enramada table and hammocksLife at Playa Blanca is simple; that’s its allure. Chilling out is ultimate activity here. The perfect day starts with a meandering walk on the beach. You have ten miles of soft white sand to roam; you will see pelicans and boobies diving for dimpling sardines in the surf, maybe some dolphins making their morning rounds, shells in the sand. After breakfast, you may follow that up with a relaxing swim in 80 something degree water.

clouds, waves sand After some hammock time, you probably will wander down the beach to your enramada of choice and settle in for a couple of hours of Mexican-style comida. The fish will be fresh, the guacamole rich and the waiter will be in no hurry. A slow stream of hopeful vendors will come by and politely ask if you want to examine their wares: shell jewelry, knick knacks, hand woven hammocks. There is no pressure, feel free to look, the prices are silly cheap.

Your table in the enramada is your home for the day. If you are lucky, the human one-man-band may come by and offer to perform or a local musician may volunteer to serenade you. Go for it if you like. They love to perform. It can be a warm and rich experience. Also warm and sweet are the fried bananas covered with crema that may come your way or try the locally made ice cream that comes by in a cart. You can also bob around in the gentle protected water or rent a boogie board and surf the wash. If you need a severe adrenaline rush, take a bouncy ride around the bay on Omar’s banana boat. After that a coco loco may come in handy.

AW's village houseAs the day wanes, you need to think about watching the sunset. Pick a comfortable spot, arrange for your beverage of choice and sit back an enjoy.

sunset reflected in waves

The big action at night is on Main Street in the village. A couple of taco restaurants magically appear as darkness drops with their tables set in the street. A broad mix of locals and gringos settle in for cold cervezas and small plates of fresh, authentic, cheap and delicious Mexican food. You never know exactly what to expect; the street will be full of kids playing some games, the local dogs will be socializing, everybody knows everybody, maybe some impromptu dancing in the street will break out. Don’t miss going.

After all that excitement, you can close the perfect day by lulling yourself to sleep with the sound of waves lapping the sand.