Barra de Potosi and the surrounding area offer wonderful opportunities for birders with a large variety of hard-to-find species. Your life list is almost guaranteed to get longer. Even if you are just casually interested in what you see flying around, you probably will want to get a copy of A Guide to the Common Birds of Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo, Barra de Potosi and Troncones.  Copies are available at Enramda Teresita and Chiminiki’s store (on the right at the entrance to the village Barra de Potosi).

The best way to track down the feathered beauties is with a local guide.  The easiest birding adventure is a boat tour either off shore or in the lagoon. Check the Boat Tour page for a list of boat guides and their contact information. The  Laguna Potosi alone hosts over 100 bird species including the prized roseate spoonbill. An early morning kayak paddle into the mangroves is simply magical.  A boat ride to Los Moros will yield boobies, pelicans, frigate birds and red-billed tropic birds.  If you want to explore the the inland sites, a great starting point is El Refugio de Potosi described below. Further options are outlined in the book excerpt below.

In addition, every December 14th, a contingent of serious birders from the US and various parts of Mexico come here to participate in the Annual Audubon Christmas Bird Count. There is more info on this site under Various Stuff/Annual Events. If you are interested in participating, contact Laurel Patrick at

Excerpt from Birding Guide

For an overview of the birding opportunities, this is an excerpt from a guide to birding in Guerrero–

Birding Guerrero, Mexico: The Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo Area
and the Sierra Madre del Sur
By Nick Lethaby and Brad Waggoner
Last updated Dec 2017

Barra de Potosi

Account by Nick Lethaby, just five visits to this site

Highlights: Herons, Red-billed Tropicbird, shorebirds incl. Collared Plover, Lesser
Ground-Cuckoo, kingfishers, hummingbirds
Missing: Most thorn forest species

A good and relatively close area for wetland species, seabirds, and hummingbirds is
Barra de Potosi, about 20 KM SE of Ixtapa. To get here, take the main highway (Route
200) south out of Zihuatanejo and turn right in the village of Los Achotes.

There are five main areas to consider birding here. There are hotels here and a great selection of seafood
restaurants, as well as a beautiful long beach. This is nice location for those who prefer to experience a more authentic Mexican vacation. The village of Barra de Potosi lies at the end of the road.

There is an annual Christmas Bird Count held here around Dec 14 each year, which offers a good way to meet other birders and learn what is around.

#1  ‘Gallinule Pond’ at Los Llanitos.  As you drive from Los Achotes to Barra de Potosi, you will see a shallow pond on yourright about 2 KM from the turnoff from Route 200. This typically holds water until
around early spring and is a good location to stop. Northern Jacana and Common Gallinule are here and there is usually a Purple Gallinule as well. Other birds include Sora, Black-bellied Whistling Duck, and White-faced Ibis.

#2 El Refugio de Potosi, founded by Laurel Patrick to increase awareness of the environment and local wildlife. El Refugio has exhibits featuring some of local wildlife species, including rehabilitated and injured individuals. El Refugio has fruit, seed, and hummingbird feeders as well as an artificial pond and stream that attract many of the local species. For details, visit the website at

Currently El Refugio is closed to the public, but you can contact Laurel Patrick by email: for access by reservation. Laurel can also arrange access to Carrizo Lagoon.

The hummingbird feeders at El Refugio offer a good opportunity to see a number of the local
hummingbird species, although numbers can be very low in early winter (Nov-Dec) and occasionally throughout the winter:
Plain-capped Starthroat: This species is common from early April to late October or early November. Up to 50 can occur at the feeders at once. They are completely absent from November through March period both at the feeders and the rest of the Ixtapa area.
Cinnamon Hummers: Common year round at feeders.
Doubleday’s and Broad-billed Hummingbirds: Common year round but females are absent from approximately mid-June until about October. I believe I had males of both forms during an early April visit, as one bird was noticeably bluer (including forehead, crown, and underparts) but failed to verify whether it was also one of the birds that had white undertail coverts as at least two other males had. If both occur, the exact temporal distribution is currently unknown and should be studied by anyone visiting.
Green-breasted Mangos: Very uncommon but regular through from mid-August to mid-October, sometimes later. No more than 1-2 birds at the feeders at a time. Both males and females are seen though the males arrive first. Occasionally seen in about mid to late
Green-fronted Hummingbird: Very uncommon but regular throughout the year with up to 3 at a time. This species is somewhat more regular during the dry months from November through April.
Golden-crowned Emerald: Very uncommon but regular throughout the year with up to 3 at a time. This species is somewhat more regular in the wet season.
Black-chinned and Ruby-throated Hummingbirds: Abundant from December through to the end of March. In my early April visit, the only males I saw were Ruby-throated so this species may linger later.

Other species regularly attracted to the fruit and seed feeders or to bathe and drink include West Mexican Chachalacas (very confiding here), Golden-Cheeked, Pale-Billed, and Lineated Woodpeckers, White Throated Magpie-Jay, Rufous-naped Wren, buntings, Yellow Grosbeak, and Yellow-winged Cacique. Lesser Ground-cuckoos are typically secretive but seen regularly either on the ground or in the lower bushes on the paths
(especially by the Heloderma) and around the little house.
The pond and stream are especially attractive to bathing and drinking birds towards the end of day bath when the recirculation pump has been turned off and there are little pools. Belted, Ringed, Green, and, very rarely, Amazon Kingfishers show up most days
around the pond or sometimes on the wires.

#3 Carrizo Lagoon

Immediately by the entrance to El Refugio de Potosi, a large freshwater lagoon known as Carrizo Lagoon is visible from the road (and also from the observation tower at El Refugio). This often holds large numbers of herons (including Boat-billed), Wood Stork, Roseate Spoonbill, White and White-faced Ibises, Anhinga, American White Pelican, ducks, shorebirds, and terns, depending on the water levels (highest in November and
then dropping lower into the spring, when good for shorebirds). This lagoon proved a good spot for kingfishers (Ringed, Green, and Amazon) and shorebirds, including a Collared Plover and several Northern Jacanas, on an early April visit. To get good looks at the birds, you need to walk down through the fields to access the lakeside. I did this and had no problems. Alternately, you can gain access to Carrizo Lagoon via El Refugio de Potosi, where a few kayaks and a canoe are available. To do so, contact Laurel Patrick

#4  Laguna de Potosi. This is a large shallow seasonally (Oct-Mar) intertidal lagoon that holds waders,
shorebirds, gulls, terns, and kingfishers. I have done hour long kayak trips twice and found them limited in effect due to the size of the lagoon and running aground in the shallows. However, you can see Ringed and Green Kingfishers and various waders (Bare-throated Tiger-Heron has apparently been seen occasionally) this way. It might be better to try a boat up the lagoon although that will be limited by the shallow water as to how close it can get to the birds. If you are capable of enduring a long kayak session under the sun, you might enjoy more success. It is possible to drive or walk into the channels and mangroves areas on the N. side of the
lagoon (called Las Salinas) but I would not recommend this without a local guide and it is not possible to see very large concentrations of birds.

#5 Rocas de Potosi
These offshore rocks are also known simply as “Los Morros”. They are not visible directly from the village due to the headland but you can take a boat out to look around them. In 2017, the boat trip cost MX$1500. The boatman’s first name is Arturo and can be contacted by going to the restaurant called the Enramada Leticia in Potosi. The rocks have a huge (thousands) Brown Booby colony along with smaller numbers (many dozens) of Red-billed Tropic birds, Bridled Terns, and Brown Noddies. The terns are generally not present until into April. At least in winter, careful checking of the boobies should reveal a few Masked and Blue-footed Boobies. I saw both of these on my December trip, along with many displaying tropic birds.

Bird Count Results

This is a  spreadsheet of the species sighted during the most recent annual December Audubon Bird Count.  (164 different species in one day is a lot of birds).

Aves de la región de Playa Blanca     
GrupoEspecie / SpeciesNombre EspañolEnglish Common Name2017201620152014201320122011
Patos DucksDendrocygna autumnalisPijije alablanca        Black-bellied Whistling-Duck963591311023151
Anas discorsCerceta alazul          Blue-winged Teal512 58115
Anas creccaCerceta alaverdeGreen-winged Teal24  
Anas clypeataPato cucharón norteño   Northern Shoveler4    221
Aythya affinis Lesser Scaup16      
Oxyura j. jamaicensisPato TepalcateRuddy Duckcw6    30
ChachalacasOrtalis poliocephala*Chachalaca pálida*West Mexican Chachalaca*1834412114283
Colimbos / LoonsGavia immerColimbo mayorCommon Loon     1 
Zambullidores / GrebesTachybaptus dominicus°Zambullidor menor°Least Grebe°241 21
Rabijuncos / TropicbirdsPhaethon aethereus°Rabijunco pico-rojo°Red-billed Tropicbird°2008428035235121
Cigüeñas / Wood StorkMycteria americana°Cigüeña americana°Wood Stork°10453162171003111
Fregata / Frigate BirdsFregata magnificensFragata magnífica       Magnificent Frigatebird7123853951603112
Bobos / BoobiesSula dactylatraBobo enmascarado        Masked Booby3 1121 
Sula granti Nazca Booby 1     
Sula leucogasterBobo café               Brown Booby1251875884811222528503136
Sula sulaBobo pata rojaRed-footed Booby2cw   
Sula nebouxii °Bobo pata azul°Blue-footed Booby °6cw   
Cormoranes / CormorantsPhalacrocorax brasilianusCormorán oliváceo       Neotropic Cormorant15376131235194317846585
Anhinga/DartersAnhinga anhingaAnhinga americana       Anhinga16031224214239
Pelicanos / PelicasPelecanus occidentalisPelícano pardo          Brown Pelican14631942520125021169
Pelecanus erythrorhynchosPelícano blanco         American-white Pelican18052230332351730
Garzas / HeronsArdea herodias°Garza morena°Great Blue Heron°59353628124010
Ardea albaGarza blanca            Great Egret5042961551276815444
Egretta thulaGarceta pie-dorado      Snowy Egret20625657597428115
Egretta caeruleaGarceta azulLittle Blue Heron342111211167
Egretta rufescens°Garceta rujiza°Reddish Egret°742331 
Egretta tricolorGarceta tricolor        Tricolored Heron3867191658
Bubulcus ibisGarza ganaderaCattle Egret9124272936182
Butorides virescensGarceta verde           Green Heron4823865829258
Nycticorax nycticoraxPedrete corona-negra    Black-crowned Night-Heron7135273820133
Nyctanassa violaceaPedrete corona-clara    Yellow-crowned Night-Heron27645201152
Tigrisoma mexicanumGarza-tigre GorjinudaBare Throated Tiger Heron  1    
Cochlearius cochleariusGarza cucharónBoat-billed Heron81   
Ibis y Espatulas Ibis & SpoonbillsEudocimus albusIbis blanco             White Ibis159458260514523
Plegadis chihiIbis cara-blanca        White-faced Ibis202648591
Platalea ajajaEspátula rosada         Roseate Spoonbill217876220422614
Zopilotes / VulturesCoragyps atratusZopilote comúnBlack Vulture206391169129117160118
Cathartes auraZopilote auraTurkey Vulture83183704787264167
Aguilillas y Gavilanes Osprey, Kites & HawksPandion haliaetusGavilán pescadorOsprey3649331
Chondrohierax uncinatusMilano piquiganchudoHooked Billed Kite cw 1  1
Circus cyaneusGavilán rastrero        Northern Harrier 1   31
Accipter striatusGavilán pechiblanco Sharp Skinned Hawk 11
Buteogallus anthracinus °Aguililla negra menor°Common Black Hawk°12  1
Buteo magnirostrisAguililla caminera      Roadside Hawk5459855
Parabuteo unicinctus Harris’s Hawk1      
Buteo nitidusAguililla grisGray Hawk4563 11
Buteo brachyurusAguililla cola-corta    Short-tailed Hawk12   22
Buteo swainsoni°Aguililla de swainson°Swainson´s Hawk°cw1  1
Buteo jamaicensisAguilla colirrojaRed Tailed Hawk13 11
Buteo platypterus°Aguililla ala ancha°Broad-winged Hawk°cw 1 
Buteo albonotatus°Aguililla aura°Zone-tailed Hawk°31211 
Accipter cooperiGavilan de CooperCoopers Hawk1 1 
Caracara plancusCaracara quebrantahuesosCrested Caracara34134841
Halcones Falcons & CaracaraFalco sparveriusCernícalo americano     American Kestrel2565432
Falco peregrinus°Halcón peregrino °Peregrine Falcon°3 2 
Falco columbariusEsmerejonMerlin1   
Falco rufigularisHalcon MurcielagueroBat Falcon10   
Micrastur semitorquatus°Halcon selvatico Collarejo°Collared Forest Falcon°1   
Turkeys & QuailColinus virginianusCodorniz-cotui NorteñaNorthern Bobwhite8   
Philortyx fasciatusCodorniz BarradaBanded Quailcw6   
Gallinules y Rascones Gallinules Coots & RailsPorphyrio martinicaGallineta moradaPurple Gallinule12cw65  
Gallinula galeataGallineta comúnCommon Gallinule4cw23  
Amaurolimnas concolorPolluela caféSora5  
Fulica americanaGallareta americana     American Coot199246755101
Chorlos / PloversCharadrius alexandrinusChorlo nevadoSnowy Plover    1 1
Charadrius wilsoniaChorlo pico gruesoWilson´s Plover      4
Charadrius vociferusChorlo tildío           Killdeer2cw    4
Charadrius semipalmatus Semipalmated Plover64      
Pluvialis squatarolaChorio GrisBlack Bellied Plover14   1 
Avocetas / Stilts & AvocetsHimantopus mexicanusCandelero americano     Black-necked Stilt80581335253343
Recurvirostra americanaAvoceta americanaAmerican Avocet142505   24
JacanasJacana spinosaJacana norteña          Northern Jacana19417161021
Playeros / Sandpipers & AlliesTringa semipalmatusPlayero pihuiuiWillet134814148313
Tringa flavipesPatamarilla menorLesser Yellowlegs311 344
Tringa melanoleucaPatamarilla mayorGreater Yellowlegs2cw   
Numenius phaeopusZarapito trinador       Whimbrel109 9 844
Numenius americanusZarapito pico largo     Long-billed Curlew     12
Actitis maculariaPlayero alzacolitaSpotted Sandpiper45417236108
Calidris alba Sanderling  1516   
Calidris minutillaPlayero chichicuilote   Least Sandpiper17cw9 8146
Limnodromus griseus Short-billed Dowitcher1      
Tringa solitariaPlayero solitarioSolitary Sandpipercw   4  
Limosa fedoaPicopando caneloMarbled Godwit515 11 13 
Phalaropus lobatusFalarapo cuellirrojoRed Necked Phalarope     1 
Limnodromus scolopaceusCosturero pico largoLong-billed Dowitcher      2
Gaviotas / GullsLeucophaeus atricillaGaviota reidoraLaughing Gull2341111541
Leucophaeus pipixcanGaviota de FranklinFranklin´s Gull 192038  5
Charranes y Esternas Terns & SkimmersHydroprogne caspiaCharrán caspia          Caspian Tern42  126
Sterna forsteriCharrán de forster      Forster´s Tern1   1 2
Sterna antillarumCharrán minimoLeast Tern118   
Thalasseus maximusCharrán real            Royal Tern12178173100881258
Thalasseus elegansCharrán eleganteElegant Tern4925515471101
Rynchops nigerRayador americano       Black Skimmer56407 166150
Palomas / Pigeons & DovesColumba liviaPaloma domesticaRock Pigeon3cw  537
Zenaida asiaticaPaloma alablanca        White-winged Dove264313103941138712
Zenaida macrouraPaloma huilotaMourning Dove 101717 66
Columbina incaTórtola cola largaInca Dove575212951249050
Columbina passerinaTórtola coquitaCommon Ground-Dove132815173112
Columbina talpacotiTórtola rojiza          Ruddy Ground-Dove2516332133020
Leptotila verreauxiPaloma arroyeraWhite-tipped Dove473745 
 Streptopelia decaocto Eurasian Collared Dove  5    
Pericos / New World ParrotsAmazona albifrons°Loro frente blanca °White-fronted Parrot °2 171
Aratinga canicularis°Perico frente naranja°Orange fronted parakeet°12   
Cucos / CuckoosPiaya cayanaCuclillo canelaSquirrel Cuckoo123 211
Coccyzus minorCuco MangleroMangrove Cuckoo   1   
Morococcyx erythropygusCuclillo terrestre      Lesser Ground-cuckoo3352332
Crotophaga sulcirostrisGarrapatero pijuyGroove-billed Ani179114751041610047
Buhos / OwlsBubo virginianusBuho CornudoGreat Horned owl1  111 
Glaucidium brasilianumTecolote bajeño         Ferruginous Pygmy-Owl3667541
Glaucidium palmarun°Tecolote colimense°Colima Pygmy-Owl°2   
Strix virgata (Ciccaba virgata)Búho caféMottled Owlcw    11
Chotacabras / Night-hawks & NightjarsNyctidromus albicolisTapacaminos PicuyoPauraque9310166  
Chordeiles minorChotacabras mayorCommon Nighthawk1   
Chordeiles acutipennisChotacabras menorLesser Nighthawk241   9 
SwiftsStreptoprocne zonarisVencejo CuelliblancoWhite Collared Swift    2  
Chaetura vauxiVencejo de VauxVaux’s Swift6044251810745
Colibríes / HummingbirdsCynanthus latirostrisColibrí pico anchoBroad-billed Hummingbird15422529154213
Amazilia rutilaColibrí canela          Cinnamon Hummingbird1515919122213
Amazilia violicepsColibrí corona violetaViolet-crowned Hummingbird     1 
Amazilia viridifronsColibri Corona verdeGreen Fronted Hummngbird   48 1
Heliomaster constantiiPicolargo CoronioscuroPlain-capped Starthroat 23  11
Anthracothorax prevostiiMango PechiverdeGreen Breasted Mango 3  2 1
Chlorostilbon auricepsEsmeralda MexicanaGolden crowned  (Fork Tailed) Emerald  11  1
Archilochus colubrisColibri GorjirrubiRuby-Throated Hummingbird4103  13 
Archilochus alexandriColibrí barba negraBlack-chinned Hummingbird3213916211
TrogonesTrogon citreolus*Trogón citrino*Citreoline Trogon*9121532102
Martínes pescador KingfishersMegaceryle alcyonMartín-pescador norteño Belted Kingfisher372736105185
Megaceryle torquataMartín-pescador de collarRinged Kingfisher1562124482
Chloroceryle americanaMartín-pescador verdeGreen Kingfisher3366 41
Carpinteros WoodpeckersMelanerpes chrysogenys*Carpintero enmascarado*Golden-cheeked Woodpecker*30473619224121
Colaptes auratusNorthern Flicker1   
Campephilus guatemalensisCarpintero piquiclaroPale Billed Woodpecker41 1 
Dryocopus lineatusCarpintero lineadoLineated Woodpecker231112 
 Xiphorhynchus flavigaster eburneirostrisTrepatroncos piquiclaroIvory billed woodcreeper 1     
Tiranos y Mosqueros Tyrants & FlycatshersCamptostoma imberbeMosquero lampiño        Northern Beardless Tyrannulet14   52
Mitrephanes phaeocercus Tufted Flycatcher (Mexican)1      
Empidonax traillii Willow Flycatcher1      
Empidonax hammondiiMosquero de HammondHammond´s Flycatcher 1   1 
Empidonax minimusMosquero minimoLeast Flycatcher14416  
Empidonax difficilisPacific-slope(Western) Flycatcher1   
Pyrocephalus rubinusMosquero cardenalVermilion Flycatcher111086542
Myiarchus cinerascensPapamoscas cenizo       Ash-throated Flycatcher24882114
Myiarchus tubiculiferPapamoscas tristeDusky-capped Flycatcher25cw2 21
Myiarchus nuttingiPapamoscas de nutting   Nutting´s Flycatcher21422 79
Myiarchus tyrannulusPapamoscas tiranoBrown-crested Flycatcher6812111010 
Pitangus sulphuratusLuis bienteveo          Great Kiskadee411861311148
Myiozetetes similisLuis gregarioSocial Flycatcher332715141853
Tyrannus melancholichusTirano tropicalTropical Kingbird598823856122921
Tyrannus crassirostrisTirano pico gruesoThick-billed Kingbird2148111535
CoatingasPachyramphus aglaiaeCabezon DegolladoRose Throated Becard 12   1
VireosVireo belliiVireo de bellBell´s Vireo2337 43
Vireo cassiniVireo de CassinCassin´s Vireo 3 3 24
Vireo hypochryseus*Vireo dorado*Golden Vireo*cw313  4
Vireo solitarius plumbeusSolitary Vireo1   
Vireo gilvusVireo gorjeador         Warbling Vireo711cw3252
Vireo huttoniVireo reyerzueloHutton´s Vireo 1   13 
ShrikeLanius ludovicianusLanio AmericanoLoggerhead Shrike cw1    
Urracas / JaysCalocitta formosaUrraca-hermosa cara blancaWhite-throated Magpie-Jay1643392617246
Golondrinas / SwallowsStelgidopteryx serripennisGolondrina aliaserradaNorthern Rough-winged Swallow257832276168466724
Progne chalybeaMartin PechigrisGrey-breasted Martincw10     
Tachycineta a. albilineaGolondrina mangleraMangrove Swallow237     
Tachycineta bicolorGolondrina arboleraTree Swallow    12 
Saltaparedes / WrensCampylorhynchus rufinuchaMatraca nuca rufa       Rufous-naped Wren418896121
Thryothorus felix Happy Wren1      
Uropsila leucogastraChivirín vientre blancoWhite-bellied Wren44351443
Perlitas / GnatcatchersPolioptila caeruleaPerlita azul-grisBlue-gray Gnatcatcher28404339184347
Polioptila albiloris White-lored Gnatcatcher3      
Mirlos y Zorzales / RobinTurdus rufopalliatus*Mirlo dorso rufo*Rufous-backed Thrush/Robin*2114198252
Catharus ustulatusZorzal de SwainsonSwainson´s Thrush11   
Cenzontles / MockingbirdsMimus polyglottosCentzontle norteñoNorthern Mockingbird6674 51
Dumetella carolinensisPajaro gato grisGrey Catbird    1  
Chipes / WarblersParkesia noveboracensisChipe charquero         Northern Waterthrush1523664
Mniotilta variaChipe trepadorBlack and White Warbler8111387161
Oreothlypis ruficapillaChipe de coronillaNashville Warbler6251491333
Chamaethlypis poliocephala Gray-crowned Yellowthroat3      
Geothlypis tolmiei °Chipe de tolmie °MacGillivray´s Warbler °113 22
Geothlypis trichasMascarita comúnCommon Yellowthroat3111257
Setophaga ruticillaChipe flameanteAmerican Redstart445105231
Setophaga petechiaChipe amarillo          Yellow Warbler5729182172215
Setophaga petechia Mangrove (Yellow) Warbler1      
setophaga magnoliaChipe de magnoliaMagnolia Warbler1cw     
Setophaga coronataChipe coronadoYellow-rumped Warbler233515412
Dendroica dominicaChipe GorjiamarilloYellow throated warbler2cw1    
Basileuterus lachrymosusChipe RoqueroFan Tailed Warbler 2    1
Cardellina pusillaChipe de WilsonWilson’s Warbler551796186
Vermivora celataChipe Corona naranjaOrange Crowned Warbler11624411 
Vermivora luciae Lucy’s Warblercw      
Protonotaria citreaChipe protonotarioProthonotary Warbler1  2   
Seiurus aurocapillusChipe-suelero CoronadoOvenbird   1   
Piranga rubraTangara rojaSummer Tanagercw111 1 
Piranga ludoviciana Western Tanager1      
Piranga flavaTanara encineraHepatic Tanager 1cw  1 
Parula americanaParula NorteñaNorthern Parula1  1   
Parula pitiayumiParula tropicalTropical Parula215142 
Icteria virensBuscabreñaYellow-breasted Chat62105613
Granatellus venustusGranatelo MexicanoRed-breasted Chat2cw     
Gorriones / Grassquits, Seedeaters & SparrowsVolaitina jacarinaSemillero brincadorBlue-black Grassquit56311191
Euphonia afinnisEufonia garganta negraScrub Euphonia1121  
Sporophila torqueolaSemillero de collarWhite-collared Seedeater133731173
Saltator coerulescens Grayish Saltatorcw      
Arremonops rufivirgatusGorrion olivaceoOlive Sparrow 31   3
Passer d domesticusGorrion DomesticoHouse Sparrow  2    
Chondestes grammacusGorrion arlequinLark Sparrow46128102  
Aimophila ruficaudaZacatonero corona rayadaStripe-headed Sparrow3 5181301
Melospiza lincolnii Lincoln’s Sparrowcw      
Picogordos y Colorines / Buntings & GrosbeaksCardinalis cardinalisCardenal rojo           Northern Cardinal1759133141
Spiza americanaArrocero americanoDickcissel  126  
Pheucticus chrysopeplusPicogrueso amarilloYellow Grosbeak1  3
Passerina caeruleaPicogordo azulBlue Grosbeakcw26   
Passerina leclancherii*Colorín pecho naranja*Orange-breasted Bunting*8510861416
Passerina ciris °Colorín siete colores °Painted Bunting °6112721 
Passerina versicolorColorín MoradoVaried Bunting2cw11   
Passerina cyaneaColorín azulIndigo Bunting 2 2 1 
Tordos y Bolseros / Blackbirds & OriolesQuiscalus mexicanusZanate mexicano         Great-tailed Grackle2904542771411336644
Molothrus aterTordo cabeza café       Brown-headed Cowbird1712414102530 320
Molothrus aeneusVaquero ojirrojoBronzed (Red eyed) Cowbird 31  3803
Icterus spuriusBolsero castaño         Orchard oriole5812162010269
Icterus pustulatusBolsero dorso rayadoStreak-backed Oriole914168 111
Icterus cucullatusBolsero encapuchadoHooded Oriole3222582
Icterus wagleriBolsero de WaglerBlack-vented Oriole579416 
Icterus bullockiiBolsero de BullockBullock’s Oriolecw 1    
Agelaius phoeniceusTordo SargentoRedwinged Blackbirds   25   
Cacicus melanicterus*Cacique mexicano*Yellow-winged Cacique*121976227225516
 Total Individuals104911536282006345511587062022
 Total Species  164159142135118140132
 Participants  68544539204033