Campamento Tortuguero Ayotlcalli is a marine turtle conservation and rescue and rescue center that works all along Last Best Beach to collect turtle eggs to protect them from predators (of both the two and four legged varieties). In addition to the science and conservation activities, there are several activities you can join!

Due to Covid restrictions, reservations are required for all activities, as are facemasks.  Ways to make a reservation: Call or WhatsApp to US 281 235-8974Send a message through the FaceBook page at https://www.facebook.com/ayotlcalli/  or Email zitamich@hotmail.com

· Attend a hatchling release. The camp releases hatchlings at sunset most nights during the hatching season, which is generally from September through mid-April. Prior to the release is an educational session where you will learn all about the sea turtles in our area and the struggles they face.

· Visit the camp. You can visit the camp for a tour at other times during the day, see the hatchery and what gets done ‘behind the scenes’. If you time it right, you may even see hatchings coming up from their nest.

· Go on patrol. You can join camp volunteers on their nightly patrol where they search for nests to relocate to the hatchery. Often times, a nesting female is encountered as well. The patrol leaves at midnight and you patrol the beach on an ATV for small groups, and a shorter walking tour for large groups. Patrol season runs from mid-July through March or April.

· Volunteer. There are many volunteer opportunities at the camp. Please contact us for more information.

· Adopt a Nest. The adopt-a-nest program allows you to adopt a specific nest rescued on the beach and receive update and pictures throughout the cycle, from night of rescue to the day of hatchling release approximately 45-50 days later. http://www.ayotlcalli.org/adopt-a-nest/

To learn more, visit the webpage http://www.ayotlcalli.org

To become a member http://www.ayotlcalli.org/sustaining-membership/