Welcome to Barra de Potosi & Playa Blanca Mexico

(congratulations; you have discovered a well-kept secret!)

The secret is the location of a ten mile stretch of untouched white sand beach and tropical waters situated within 15 minutes of an international airport and only a few hours from most of the US and Canada.

Its name is Playa Blanca and it sits on the Pacific Coast of Mexico 30 minutes south and a world away from the major resort city of Zihuatanejo. This is not your typical resort area; there are no crowds of tourists, no high-rise condos, no all-you-can-drink bars, no yacht harbor, no golf course. It is an amazingly laid back stretch of nature speckled with small hotels, restaurants and vacation homes mixed with the simple houses of local Mexican fishermen and coconut workers. Barra de Potosi, the only town. is a fishing village of 500 people with four blocks of streets and a couple of small stores. It is simple and authentic; truly the Last Best Beach for visitors with a taste for adventure and untouched natural beauty.

Some of our neighbors are concerned that publicizing our “Last Best Beach”, even in this low key manner, might spoil it by making it too popular as a tourist destination. They don’t want to undermine the community’s way of life and lead to the destruction of its natural splendor. That is always a risk, but we believe that there is a special kind of traveler who will appreciate the tranquility and beauty of Playa Blanca and the culture of Barra de Potosi; travelers who will both enjoy and respect the native Mexican families and their traditions. It is to this group that this website is presented by members of our local community to provide an introduction to Playa Blanca. If you think it is the right kind of place for you, we invite you come and explore the Last Best Beach.